Leadership in Sustainability

Sustainability is a core value at Stanford, deeply integrated into academics, campus operations, student life, communications, and events. Sustainability teachings and practices are enriching our students’ academic experience, reducing the university’s environmental impact, saving resources, and engaging the campus community.

Central to this effort has been the Initiative on the Environment and Sustainability, a campaign launched in 2006 to support interdisciplinary research and teaching in all seven of Stanford schools and key institutes including the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and Precourt Institute for Energy. By its conclusion, the initiative had led to the founding of many new interdisciplinary institutes across campus and provided Stanford with the resources to train a new generation of environmental leaders. The Department of Sustainability and Energy Management (SEM) leads initiatives in campus infrastructure and programs in the areas of energy and climate, water, transportation, facilities energy management, and various special initiatives. The SEM Office of Sustainability connects campus organizations and works collaboratively with them to steer sustainability initiatives across campus. Dubbed “Sustainable Stanford,” the Office of Sustainability (OOS) serves as the hub of Stanford’s sustainability programs. Complementing academic curricula led by faculty, OOS creates action-oriented programmatic initiatives that make sustainability more tangible and visible at Stanford. Major support for these efforts is provided by various operational units within the parent department of Land, Buildings, and Real Estate (LBRE), University Communications and Government and Community Relations.

Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) honors and promotes sustainability as a way of life. R&DE Student Housing’s Sustainable Living Program and R&DE Stanford Dining’s Sustainable Food Program are two hallmark sustainability initiatives among many across R&DE. Both programs seek to create positive impacts by collaborating with strategic partners such as students, staff, faculty, other campus stakeholders, vendors and suppliers.

Key Contacts in Sustainability and Energy Management

  • Joseph Stagner

    Executive Director, SEM
    Phone: (650) 721-1888

    Joe leads the Sustainability and Energy Management Department (SEM), which includes 90 staff members in Utilities, Parking & Transportation, Business Services and the Office of Sustainability. He leads the university’s long-range sustainability infrastructure planning and implementation.

  • Fahmida Ahmed

    Director, Office of Sustainability
    Phone: (650) 721-1518

    Fahmida directs the Office of Sustainability and the campus program Sustainable Stanford. She designs and implements sustainability programs, supports the department's long-term energy infrastructure planning, directs the office's education and outreach efforts, chairs the Sustainability Working Group, connects the Sustainability Working Teams and steers academic integration into program implementation.

  • Ron Gawer

    Director, Energy Operations
    Phone: (650) 497-7993

    Ron will be overseeing energy systems operations for the new and upcoming Stanford Energy Systems Innovations (SESI) Central Energy Facility (CEF), scheduled to come online in 2015. Ron is responsible for assessing the upcoming plant”s operating needs and establishing and overseeing the full team that will be required for the new CEF”s ongoing operations.

  • Gerry Hamilton

    Director, Facilities Energy Management
    Phone: (650) 724-8007

    Gerry directs the activities of Stanford’s Facilities Energy Management (FEM) program, including the operation of campus building energy management systems, oversight of the university’s Sustainable IT program, and supervision of building energy retrofit projects. The program ensures that buildings and associated processes are operated efficiently and that new facilities incorporate best practices for energy use.

  • Tom Zigterman

    Director, Water Resources & Civil Infrastructure, SEM
    Phone: (650) 725-3400

    Tom manages a group of engineers, scientists, and water technicians who are responsible for operation of Stanford’s water supplies, including domestic water, surface water, waste water, and storm drainage systems, as well as other civil infrastructure including dams, bridges and roads. He also chairs the Water Sustainability Working Team, which is currently planning the long-term sustainable management of Stanford’s water supply and demand.

  • Brian Shaw

    Director, Parking & Transportation Services, SEM
    Phone: (650) 723-5815

    Brian leads Stanford’s transportation programs, which include parking and retail operations, an award-winning transportation demand management program, a bicycle program, the Marguerite Shuttle service, charter services, transportation program planning and development and marketing communications. He is a member of Stanford’s Sustainability Working Group.

Founded in 2007, the Department of Sustainability and Energy Management (SEM) brings together Utilities Services, Parking & Transportation Services, Business Services, and the Office of Sustainability under one roof within the Land, Buildings and Real Estate (LBRE) operational organization.